What do our Customers say about SelfCorp and Dr. Prasad Kaipa

Working with Prasad changed the way I think. The personal development Pyramid provided me with a new way of ordering ideas. It allowed me to gain a much better understanding of my own goals and how I might achieve them.

Terence Black, Managing Director, BAE Capital, UK

Working with Prasad, is a 'unique' experience, quite unlike working with other 'traditional consultants' --- if you are looking to create 'breakthroughs' in your organization, or in your senior management team, working with Prasad, will make transformation begin --- do not question how, or why it happens… it just does… experience it and expect it when you work with him…

Rad Sundar, CEO,

Prasad Kaipa opens up new thinking with people. Leading dialogues with people that open new ideas and thinking. He is naturally inspiring. He is generous with new knowledge and ideas. He challenges the usual linear ways that people think and encourage them to think beyond their usual thinking. It comes from love. He is most effective in Creativity and Innovation.

Gail Cantor, COO, Contegrity Design

It was unforgettable and truly remarkable experience. Prasad helped me to unearth many dimensions of my personality which I was not aware of!

Ketan Mehta, CEO, Majesco Software Inc.

Dr. Kaipa's work on strategy development through pyramid influence on how we look at the business. The Pyramid process guides the organization to explore and agree upon the key strategic drivers that will move the business forward.

Tom Grant, Manager-Executive Programs, Ford Executive Development Center

"What I most admire and respect about Prasad, is the gift he brings to groups that can best be characterized as "diverse perspectives". In his unique and caring way, Prasad challenges people to think differently, challenge their paradigms and consider new possibilities. I find his contributions to be refreshing and I have always experienced a greater sense of "completeness" after working with Prasad on projects.

Eldon McBride, Materials People Director, The Boeing Company

"Prasad has been great at cutting through all the muddle and getting to the essence of any issue. His deep knowledge and insights and helped me and Mastek make key strategic decisions that have created major impacts on the organization".

Sudhakar Ram, President and COO, Mastek

" Prasad Kaipa is truly outstanding and unusual amongst the executive consultants with whom I have worked. He challenges the men and women with whom he works to revisit the shaping of their soul and spirituality. From this firm foundation he explores with them the characteristics of sustainable and unique leadership. He engages each in a dialogue to which they can find only one answer. Their own."

Linda Dawson, Managing Director of DawsonDurham. Formerly Exec. Director of BAE Systems in charge of Senior Executive Development.

Prasad, You are really great at teaching and encouraging dialogue. You are intensely intelligent with the genuine caring to match. You have been effective with me both in a one on one setting, and as part of a team (such as leading and Managing our work together).

Blake Emery, Director, Leadership Development, The Boeing Company and Creator of 'Managing our work together' program that got written up in Fast Company

I have found your work to be stimulating. It raises many good questions and is very useful at a stage when teams and organisations are looking at new ways of operating.

Anil Sachdev, CEO,

You impact others naturally and passionately by opening ways of thinking that combine transcendent and practical values. View about unlearning, and key model underlying the pyramid that offers 3-dimensional thinking is what distinguishes your work from others.

Ken Anbender, CEO and Founder, Contegrity Program Design

[SelfCorp business model approach] "will help jumpstart the whole e-learning thing."

Jon Adler, IS Director, Cisco Systems

Prasad Kaipa's work helps people get in touch with their own inner genius, bring it to consciousness, and align it with higher purpose in service of practical results. Groups benefit from his work because they can create a clear road map for their activity together-- guided by vision and anchored in the shared experience of the individuals who must actually do the work.

Prasad's consulting and teaching is based in the wisdom of the Vedas and enriched by his extensive research and knowledge of how people learn. I have taught classes with him, worked with him as a consultant helping project groups do their work, and have known him as a friend and colleague since 1989.

Anne Stadler, Founding member, Open Space Institute; Spirited Work Centers, Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, WA

Prasad Kaipa's powerful approach pierced new depths of self-understanding and provided an incisive tool for planning my best course of action for realizing my life's goal. After taking his workshop, I have used his method repeatedly in my own workshops, with resounding success.

Rudite Emir, Management Consultant and Author, "Undoing: Returning to Simplicity"


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