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What is SelfCorp?

SelfCorp is a CEO and executive development company based in the Silicon Valley. We have thirteen years experience working with a mix of Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Our purpose is to align individual aspirations with organizational aspirations.

Our mission is to ignite the natural genius* of individual executives and their teams.

Our core competency is helping people to find their next significant step.

Our vision is highly effective, innovative and successful organizations run by people who are focused, passionate and energetic.

Our key differentiator is our ability to integrate multiple complex perspectives to a single whole.

We bring expertise to our clients in the areas of discontinuous learning, knowledge management, innovation, and leadership development.

*Natural genius is the source of our unique competencies and capacities that make us effecitve, creative and energetic. Igniting your natural genius allows you to be an authentic leader and a passionate communicator.

In our executive coaching sessions, the Sacred Mirror approach is used to identify the uniqueness of an executive by first mapping their 'essence.' Once we discover how they are 'wired together' and where they possess natural genius, we reflect back their essence and help them bridge the gap between their current reality and their natural genius.

Our Sacred Mirror executive coaching approach has been known to produce breakthrough results for our clients.


Executive and Leadership Development


Consulting Services

  • Workplace Morale
  • Mapping the Cultural DNA
  • Change Management
  • Soft Skills for Technical Professionals
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Web based products and services


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